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  • Sleep’s impact on performance

    Sleep deprivation is a serious problem and one that affects many professionals. In fact, some might be surprised to learn that most adults average less than the 7 hours of sleep per night commonly recommended by health associations. The resulting loss of sleep usually prevents individuals from performing optimally, creating stress and contributing to negative health outcomes. Employees unable to function at their best not only risk limiting performance, but also jeopardize their personal safety and the welfare of others. An analysis of teachers, fire fighters, air traffic controllers, nurses, and doctors could provide insight into the dangers of sleep deprivation.

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  • eHealth tools allow you to take control of your health

    The World Health Organization defines eHealth as the electronic transfer of health resources and health care by health providers and consumers. These resources include educational and commercial elements, and are delivered through the Internet and telecommunications systems. Using eHealth tools, individuals are often able to better manage their health, communicate with others with similar concerns […]

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  • Be cautious of pet waste

    Pet waste reaches water bodies, contaminating fish and other water life. Additionally, it contains many diseases that can linger in soil for long periods of times, causing a wide range of illnesses on land. Apart from being unsightly, pet waste is also a nuisance that infuriates neighbors around the country. A 2010 Consumer Reports Survey indicates that citizens rate pet waste as one of the most annoying experiences they encounter. Still, many residents are not aware of ways to remedy the situation. Thanks to technological gains and environmentally aware citizens, there are numerous ways that residents can alleviate the problem. Those ways include use of pet DNA and waste disposal initiatives organized by community management teams. Education on the hazards of pet waste can contribute to the safety and good health of humans and pets.

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  • A conversation with singer Kevin Lyttle

    Perpetual Stream and Wiitrieve YouTube Channel engaged in an enlightening conversation with International Soca star Kevin Lyttle. The Saint Vincent-born singer discussed his background, career influences, and current musical inspirations. Lyttle also offered valuable insight into the culture of Soca music — a genre which  encompasses a variety of global musical styles.  “Turn me on,” […]

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  • Pharrell’s new album: A party waiting to happen

    Pharrell Williams is on fire. The N.E.R.D. front man, and one half of production team the Neptunes, is experiencing an incredible resurgence after being away from the public eye. In 2013, music audiences became reacquainted with the popular hitmaker through monumental collaborations with Daft Punk (“Get Happy”) and Robin Thicke (“Blurred Lines”). Soon thereafter, the 40-years-young musician followed suit with “Happy,” the infectious ditty from the “Despicable Me 2’ Soundtrack that has taken the world by storm.